July 14, 2011

Meet Shawn & Meg


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Hey there!  We're so happy to have you here, ready to embark on the best 28-days of your life by completing The EFLL Challenge!

Some of you may know us from the podcast we co-host together The Nourished Podcast, where we talk about a little bit of everything -- health, lifestyle, fitness, food, fun, girl talk, and so much more!  We started the podcast in April 2015 with the intention of spreading the word that true health and happiness is possible with the right knowledge and commitment.  We never expected it to reach and resonate with as many people as it has, and we are beyond thankful to all of our listeners for making it the most rewarding part of our week.  If you haven't caught an episode yet, find us and subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app right on your phone!

While we do so much together, here is a bit about each of us individually:

Hi guys! I'm Shawn, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer, and the personality behind my website well-belly.com.  I have been in the health and fitness industry since 2004 and currently operate my own personal training and holistic nutrition practice.  Fitness has always been a huge interest of mine, so that was a no-brainer for me.  I came into this holistic nutrition lifestyle in an effort to put my autoimmune diseases --ulcerative colitis and hashimoto's thyroiditis -- into remission.  At that time, I had no idea that making a few simple diet and lifestyle changes would turn into a deep burning passion that would change both my career path and life forever.  As I began researching, investigating, and learning about the immense positive benefits eating a 'real food' or paleo diet had to optimal health, I knew I had to share this information with the world.  More people needed to find and feel true health the way I had.

So, I went back to school and received my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification through the Nutritional Therapy Association.  Through that program, I was now truly able to teach about how a nutrient-dense, whole food diet was at the heart of many of our health problems today.  And that by looking at the diet, along with proper digestion, nutrient absorption, mineral balance, hydration, blood sugar regulation, and fatty acid balance, most people could feel significantly better!

So here I am today, offering you this amazing program that will change the way you live forever.  Not only will this program change the way you view food, but will also teach you about lifestyle, health, and mental factors that all contribute to you finding your best self!  I'm so excited to have you here on this journey for the next 28-days!



Shawn & Meg-108-EditHey, friends! I am Meg Doll, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and the voice behind everything at MegTheRHN.com. I began studying nutrition in 2009 once I graduated high school and after a Registered Dietician (RD) saved my life. I battled anorexia nervosa in my pre-teen and teenage years, but was able to overcome the mental illness that once controlled my life with the help of my parents and a team of health professionals such as a psychologist and an RD, who inspired me to study dietetics throughout university. I completed my bachelor of science with specialization in food and nutrition, but wasn't satisfied - I knew there was more for me to learn. I wanted to learn more about food and understand how it affected our bodies at an even deeper level, so I enrolled in the Natural Nutrition program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN) and that's when my understanding of food really started to change and my passion for holistic nutrition really lit on fire. 

I graduated from CSNN as an RHN with powerful knowledge and the understanding that food can truly be used as medicine. I own my holistic nutrition business and work with clients across the globe, addressing their health problems by identifying the root cause and using real, whole, nutrient dense foods as the primary source for their healing. Through my health journey, I have also discovered that, although positive dietary changes can have a profound effect on our health, optimal health cannot be reached without addressing other areas of life as well, which is why Shawn and I created the Eat.Feel.Live.Love Challenge. Both Shawn and I know that optimal health can be reached when all four pillars of health are taken into consideration and we want to share that with you. I am so excited to support you on your journey to optimal health and happiness that can light up a room! 

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