August 27, 2015


Do I have to follow the meal plan?

No! We created the meal plan along with the recipes and grocery lists to make your journey throughout this program easier. We know that switching to a real food diet can be intimidating and challenging if it is something incredibly new to you, so we wanted to provide you with a resource that allowed you to eat a variety of real food in an exceptionally tasty way!


I just had surgery and cannot do any intense exercise. Can I still do this challenge?

Absolutely! The EFLL Challenge requires you to incorporate some movement into your daily routine; however, we ask that the movement that you choose to do be enjoyable to you as an individual. Your movement of choice can be anything from a slow paced walk to a heavy weight lifting session! Anything goes as along as you're moving and enjoying it!


Can I still join if I have digestion problems?

Absolutely! The EFLL Challenge is geared towards supporting and optimizing your digestive health, so many people will experience improved digestion after completing this program. You may still work with a health care provider on gut health while completing this program.


Do I receive points for everything I do correctly throughout the challenge?

YES! We provide you with a scorecard for you to fill out throughout your time completing the challenge. The purpose for this scorecard is to help keep yourself motivated - you're not competing against anyone but yourself. You will receive 1 point for every challenge you complete.


What is included in the EFLL Challenge?

Daily emails with videos throughout the 28 days, 4 weeks of meal plans, recipes, grocery lists, scorecards, gratitude journals, Facebook support, Instagram support, and 1 webinar on day 14.

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